Why You Should Avoid Using Someone Else’s Pee for A Drug Test

If you have a drug test coming up, one of the ways you can pass a urine test is by using someone else’s urine. It takes at least eight days for THC metabolites to clear from the system, and thus makes it impossible for you to pass a drug test if you submit your urine as a regular smoker of marijuana.

Here is everything you need to know about using someone else’s urine to pass a marijuana drug test.

The legality of using someone else’s urine

The legality of using another person’s urine mostly depends on the circumstances surrounding your situation. If you require to take a drug test for a court-order, using another person’s urine can have legal ramifications for you and the person who issued the sample. Using someone else’s pee can be termed as a parole violation, which can see you land back in jail.

On the other hand, using a substitute sample for workplace screening cannot necessarily lead to legal consequences. However, you can lose your job or fail to get a job if caught.

Does it work?

Every day, people pass drug tests by using other people’s urine samples. Also, thousand of people have been caught trying to cheat their way through a urine test in attempting to substitute their urine with another person’s.

Why you should not use someone else’s urine to pass a drug test

Test administrators

Your chances of passing a drug test using someone else’s urine is determined by the test administrator assigned to your screening. If you are lucky, you will get a test administrator who is not too keen about how the urine samples are being collected.

This way, you can sneak someone else’s sample into the toilet cubicle and pass it as yours.
However, if you are assigned a strict test administrator, you may have a harder time switching your sample.

Strict administrators do not allow you to take anything into the collection area. You will be required to empty your pockets and remove all your outerwear. This way, the chances of getting fake samples are minimized.

Some testing institutions go a step further to run visual examinations by performing a body search to check for samples that have been hidden in hard to see places.

The temperature

One of the first things the test administrators test for is the temperature of the urine sample you present. Fresh urine is always between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (32 to 38 degrees Celsius).

Toxicologists do not accept anything under 90 degrees Fahrenheit because it only takes a few minutes to get the sample to the test administrator after collection. The urine is usually in the 92-94 degrees range.

If you carry someone else’s sample from home, you need to find smart ways of keeping it warm until you present it to the test administrators. You will require to use microwaves, heating pads, or hand warmers. An alternative option is keeping the sample in contact with your skin. Even with these methods, the external factors can still render the urine sample null and void.

All these are clear indications that using someone else’s urine to cheat in a drug test is not a good idea. There are other methods you can use to get a better chance of passing a drug test without having to use someone else’s urine.

Using synthetic urine

This is simply artificial urine. It is a substance that has the same characteristics as human urine, which makes it easy to use for a marijuana drug test.

There are numerous benefits associated with the use of synthetic urine to pass a drug test.

You can still smoke marijuana – if you are a frequent marijuana user, you can enjoy your regular smoke and still pass a drug test. You will not need to present a real sample for your test. Instead, you submit the synthetic urine.

You run no risk of dilution – marijuana users try to flush out THC metabolites by taking a lot of water before a drug test. This dilutes the urine, which may make it unviable for a drug test. Synthetic urine is said to come in the perfect concentration and hydration to pass for real human urine.

It is cheap – synthetic urine is said to be affordable to most marijuana users.

Can synthetic urine fail a drug test?

Even with the hype about synthetic urine, there is still a high chance that it can fail a drug test or render your sample unusable. Certain factors are tested for in urine samples to determine the viability of a sample.

Creatinine – this is a substance produced by the human kidneys and is tested for in urine samples. Low levels of creatinine or lack of it in a urine sample is a red flag in urine testing.

Specific gravity – this is the number of particulates in a urine sample. It is measured as part of determining the viability of a urine sample. Synthetic urine may lack the required specific gravity.

Bubbling – an easy way of checking for human urine samples is shaking it in the container. Bubbling in urine is caused by the presence of protein. Synthetic urine may lack bubbles, which is a red flag.

pH – this is a very specific aspect tested for in urine samples. Synthetic urine may not have the recommended pH levels.

Temperature – this is the most obvious factor that can determine the viability of a urine sample. It can be hard to get synthetic urine to the required temperature range without messing with the chemical composition of the product.

The foolproof way of passing a urine drug test

While it is difficult to pass a marijuana drug test in a short time, it is not impossible. You do not need to use fake urine or someone else’s urine. There are detox solutions such as the Fast Marijuana Detox Kit or the Premium 7 Day Detox Kit.

With THC detox methods and kits, you can successfully flush THC metabolites from your body before a urine drug test. If you need a same-day solution, a product like the Fast Marijuana Detox Kit cleanses your system immediately after use. This way, your body is able to produce a THC metabolites free urine sample.

If you need a long-term solution, a detox product such as the Premium 7 Day Detox Kit cleanses your system of any THC metabolites in 7 days.

Detox kits are the most reliable ways of passing a urine drug test.