4 Tips to Pass A Military Drug Test 

The use of illegal drugs like marijuana while in the military is considered to be severe misconduct. For these reasons, it is essential to ensure you never fail a urine drug test while in the military.

Here are surefire ways of how to pass a drug test in the military.

Types of drug tests conducted by the military

Different types of tests are used to ensure that members of the military remain clean. How the results are used after the tests is determined by the testing method used.

Random urine testing

This is a drug test carried out without prior warning or preparation. The commander is supposed to collect the sample at random and not target a particular person. You cannot refuse to provide a urine sample while in the military.

In the army, a total of 60,000 tests can be done at random in a month. This ensures that everyone in the military is tested at least once every year. The results of random drug tests can be used in court-martials and according to article 15s. If your sample is found to contain THC metabolites, this information can be used to decide on the type of discharge you get.

The reason for discharge is included in your DD-214 Military Discharge Paperwork. Your release from service can be termed as either general, honorable, and other-than-honorable.

Probable cause urine testing

This test is done when a commander suspects that a military officer is under the influence of controlled substances. Before requesting for the drug test, the commander requires to get a search authorization from the installation commander. This search warrant requires the suspect to produce a urine sample.

The result of a probable cause urine test can also be used in a court-martial, to give you involuntary discharge and also according to Article 15s.

Medical urine testing

This is a medical test you may be asked to take as a way of complying with military medical requirements. It included a urine test for marijuana and other controlled substances. Recruits are required to take this drug test as part of the eligibility test to be enlisted in the military.

Just like random testing, you cannot refuse to submit a sample when it is needed. The results of this test can be used to give you an involuntary discharge, in a court-martial, and according to Article 15s.

Commander directed urine testing

If the commander is not granted a warrant to search, and you refuse to give consent, he still can command the service member to provide a urine sample for testing.

Unlike the other tests, commander-direct test results cannot be used against you in a court-martial or to prosecute you according to Article 15s. Even so, the results can be used to grant you a discharge, but cannot determine the type of discharge.

Consensual urine testing

Members of the military can be asked to grant their consent to their seniors even when there is no probable cause for the test. As a military member, you have the right to agree or refuse the search since there is no warrant to obligate you. Should you grant consent, the results can be used for involuntary discharge, Article 15s, and in a court-martial.

Types of drugs that can be tested for in the military

While in the military, drugs can be classified either as illegal or controlled substances. Illegal drugs include any substance whose manufacture, possession, or use is prohibited. A controlled substance is a drug that is regulated by the DEA, such as marijuana. Controlled substances are not illegal. However, using them without a prescription is unlawful.

Urine drug testing in the military is done in 3 stages:

  • The first stage is the immunoassay screening that uses the Olympus AU-800 Automated Chemistry Analyzer. If you test negative for THC metabolites or other drugs in this stage, you are considered clean.
  • You are taken through a second screening if you test positive in the first stage. The testing official uses the same screening method used in the first stage.
  • In stage three, you undergo the Mass Spectrometry test/Gas Chromatography test. You undergo this third test if you fail the first two. This is meant to eliminate the chances of a false positive.

Some of the drugs the military can test for include THC, heroin, cocaine, hydrocodone, meth, LSD, PCP, and Oxymorphone.

How to pass a drug test in the military

Even while in the military, you can still pass a urine test. Some of the most common methods used to pass a drug test include:

Synthetic urine

Using synthetic urine to pass a drug test had become increasingly common amongst civilians and can be used in the military too. Synthetic urine is manufactured urine that has the same physical characteristics as human urine. It has the same creatinine level, pH, specific gravity, color, and smell. However, it does not meet the temperature requirements of a urine sample.

It can be challenging to get the synthetic urine into the sample collection area, especially in the military. Also, you may be accompanied by a witness to see as you collect your sample. Even with the collected sample, getting it to the required temperature range is not always possible.

To pass synthetic urine as a drug test sample:

  • Heat the synthetic urine in a microwave for 10 seconds
  • Wrap it in a heating pad to ensure it remains in the required temperature (90F-100F)
  • Pour it in the collection cup and hand it over as your sample

The urine dilution method

Urine dilution involves the intake of fluids, mostly water. This is done to lower the drug concentration in your system. Even though it works, it is a strenuous method that is not always possible for most people.

Taking too much water may lower the concentration of drug metabolites, but it also dilutes your urine to levels that can render it unusable for a drug test. Dilution of urine reduces the levels of creatinine and specific gravity, which are essential components in the success of any drug test.

To successfully dilute your urine:

  • Get your right lean body mass to determine how much water you need to take.
  • Mix an electrolyte supplement in water and drink 4ml for each LBM pound every 3 hours.
  • Use urine test kits to test for THC metabolites, specific gravity, and creatinine levels.
  • Ensure you pee whenever you feel the urge as this helps to get rid of THC metabolites through urine before the test
  • Take B2 vitamin pills an hour before the test to give urine the yellow color

You need to keep taking water to dilute THC metabolites to levels that are lower than 50ng/ml while ensuring creatinine levels remain below 20ng/ml.

Activated charcoal method

A few studies prove that activated charcoal or charcoal pill can work to ensure you pass a THC metabolite test.

Whenever you consume marijuana, by smoking, THC metabolites get into the bloodstream in seconds. These metabolites are transported into the liver, where they are broken down during the detox process. In the liver, the THC s broken down into 11-OH-THC and then to THC-COO-glucuronide, which is the form in which THC is excreted from the body.

Some of the THC metabolites are taken to the kidneys where they are excreted in the urine. The remaining metabolites are transported into the digestive tract through bile. Enzyme reactions turn these metabolites into THC-COOH to allow it to penetrate the walls of the digestive system to get into the blood system and then to the liver for detoxification.

For activated charcoal to work, you need to ingest it. This way, it will bind with the THC metabolites that transport to the digestive tract and prevent them from penetrating through the stomach walls to the blood. This way, the metabolites are excreted in stool and not urine.

While this method is effective, it requires at least a week or two to clean your system. This makes it unreliable for use by military officials since urine tests can be ordered at random. You will also need to abstain from using marijuana during this period.

To use activated charcoal to pass urine THC metabolites test:

  • Take 10g of charcoal pill an hour or two before each meal. Do this for two consecutive days.
  • Ensure you frequently test for THC metabolites in your urine once you start taking activated charcoal
  • On the day of the test, continue with the regimen to ensure any remaining metabolites are trapped.

Detox kits

While all the methods above are ideal methods of how to pass a drug test in the military, they are not 100% foolproof since they do not completely rid the body of THC toxins.

Detox kits are the most reliable way of passing a drug test. They comprise of detox ingredients that work to cleanse your system of any THC toxins. With a cleansed system, you are sure to produce a clean urine sample for testing.

You can go for same-day detox kits, such as the Fast Marijuana Test Kit if you require a clean urine sample in short notice. These fast detox solutions start to cleanse your system as soon as you start using them. You can be ready for a drug test in just one hour of using these kits.

If you have time and need a more permanent solution, you can use detox kits that work to cleanse your system thoroughly. Long term result test kits such as the Premium 7 Day Detox Kit work to get rid of all traces of THC metabolites from your system within a week.